UJ Announced Champion of Jordanian Collegiate Programming Contest 2022
Sunday, October 16, 2022 
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The University of Jordan (UJ) has won the first place of the Jordanian Collegiate Programming Contest (JCPC), held at Irbid Private University, with the participation of 76 teams from 16 local public and private universities.

UJ's team, consisting of students Salem Al-Waraura, Muhammad Al-Waraura and Khaled Abu Sarhan, was crowned as the champion of Jordan in the competition.

Other UJ teams have also achieved advanced positions:

The fifth place:  team comprised students Hamza Amirah, Baha Abu Al-Rub and Ammar Abu Yemen.

The sixth place: team comprised students Yazan Abdullah, Yasmine Al-Mohtaseb and Sarah Esaeed.

The eighth place: team comprised students Muhammad Marish, Talal Al-Lahham and Bahaa El-Din Hammad.

The ninth place: team consisting of Ammar Ali Abu Shaker, Muhammad Alaa Al-Waraura and Karim Moatasem Yassin.

Two of these five teams qualified to represent UJ in the regional competition that will be held from 2-6, December, in the Republic of Egypt / Sharm El Sheikh.

It should be noted that the teams belong to the King Abdullah II School of Information Technology, and were supervised by Dr. Heba Saadeh and Dr. Reem Al-Fayez, and supported by the school's deanship.

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