Student Clubs Back after Three Years Interruption
Monday, December 5, 2022 
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The Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Jordan (UJ), Dr. Ismail AlZyoud, announced that the two weeks period for signing up to the university's student clubs has ended.

Al-Zyoud said, in a press statement, that the affiliation procedures took place in a competitive atmosphere.
He added that the university was keen to smooth and facilitate the signing up procedures. According to him, 6,000 male and female students signed up to join the membership of the clubs.
UJ has fourteen clubs, namely: Public Service Club, Police Friends Club, Programming and Artificial Intelligence Club, Press and Media Club, Human Rights Club, Environment and Energy Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Jordan Heritage Club, Health and Nutrition Club, Culture and Arts Club, Medical Club, Astronomy Amateurs Club, Future Youth Club, Photography Amateurs Club.
Student clubs aim to encourage Volunteering, public service and teamwork among university students, and to develop and encourage talents and hobbies.
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