School of Nursing Underlines Excellence of Faculty, Students
Wednesday, December 28, 2022 
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The Dean of the School of Nursing, Prof. Areej Othman, has recently recognised a number of faculty members and students at the school for their “incredible performance and making the school proud”, as Othman noted.
Othman said that such achievements were the result of their diligent academic and professional work, confirming the school's support for the distinguished students, wishing them further progress and success.
Prof. Areej Othman, herself, has received five scientific awards during her participation in the assembly of the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties, Twenty-second session, held at the College of Health and Sports Sciences at the University of Bahrain.
Prof. Suhaila Halasa in turn won the Distinguished Research Award for the year 2022 presented also by the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing, wherese Prof. Latifa Dardas won the same award for the year 2021. Doctoral graduate Muhammad Aref Abu Sabra received the best doctoral dissertation award for the year 2022 for his doctoral dissertation, supervised by Prof. Ayman Hamdan Mansour.
Other undergraduate nursing students received the Student Creativity Award of the Scientific Society of Arab Nursing Faculties for the year 2022. Student Salsabil Zahran won first place for her piece of writing "Ramad", while student Rahma Qamhieh won second place for her drawing talent.
In this context, Othman also recognized student Abdul Karim Abu Duaij, for winning the silver medal in wrestling in the Arab Men's Championship, which was held in Egypt in November 2022.
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