UJ's MBA Program Ranked in Top 200 in QS International Trade Rankings
Monday, January 2, 2023 
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The MBA (Master of Business Administration) program at the School of Business at the University of Jordan (UJ) has been ranked among the top 200 programs, according to the QS International Trade Rankings 2023. The program ranked 176th in the world and first among Arab universities.

The QS International Trade Rankings identify master's programs that prepare its graduates to find career opportunities in relation to international trade. The classification was based on several criteria related to program content, innovative teaching practices, industry engagement, and how students are prepared for the labor market.

In particular, the chosen universities’ programs were evaluated based on key performance indicators related to program trade content, teaching approach, academic and employment reputation, faculty members' professional and industrial experience, and university partnerships with employers.


The ranking was launched in collaboration with the Hinrich Foundation, a philanthropic organization that promotes sustainable global trade through scientific research and education. The Foundation offers research and teaching materials to aid and enhance global trade education as well as scholarships to support the candidates.

According to the Dean of the School, Prof. Raed Masadeh Bani Yaseen, this achievement came in line with the School's pursuit of continuous improvement, and aligns with its purpose in developing the School's programs to enhance the student's capacities and enable them to engage in the labor market.

“This attainment was obtained as a result of the school programs’ quality, distinguished faculty members, and its outstanding graduates’ skills," Yaseen stated. "Such recognition encourages the school and its members in continuing their pursuit of excellence and quality performance. Congratulations to the University of Jordan on this great accomplishment," he added.

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