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Aiming at International Accreditation
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Pursuing international accreditation for the schools and programs of the University of Jordan (UJ) falls within the University's quality-assurance strategy and tremendous efforts to raise its international stand in a competitive and global higher education community.
So far, seven schools have received certificates of international accreditation.
Computer Science and Computer Information Systems Programs
Recently, two new bachelors programs at UJ have proved their excellence and received international accreditation.
The Computer Science (CS) and Computer Information Systems (CIS) programs offered by King Abdullah II School of Information Technology (KASIT) have been granted the accreditation certificate of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET); a global accreditor of 3,600 technical programs at over 700 colleges and universities in 29 countries.
According to this accreditation, graduate certificates of these departments are now accredited by ABET until 2022. ABET accreditation means that the programs meet the quality standards of the profession that produce graduates who are prepared to enter a global workforce.
KASIT Dean Prof. Amjad Hudaib stated that it is an important step for the School, "the certificate assures that we provide students with quality education, and thus better job opportunities for them later on".
According to Hudaib, the accreditation helps the school adopt an international approach for the evaluation of the outputs of the educational process.
Nursing Program
In spring 2017, the School of Nursing was granted the accreditation certificate of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) for achieving quality and excellence in the Bachelor Degree of Science in Nursing.
This International accreditation opens the doors for the School's graduates on the international level; as it will facilitate their enrollment in corresponding global programs around the world, in addition to allowing for the exchange of teaching experiences with institutions that have obtained the same accreditation.
School of Nursing Dean Prof. Manar Nabolsi explains that this accreditation confirms that the School is committed to international standards and criteria of quality nursing education. According to her, it aims to ensure a high quality of program graduates who are capable of providing quality nursing care and community service.
"The School's pursuit of international accreditation comes as part of its effort to accommodate the best education experience and highest standards of academic conduct," Nabolsi said.
The ACEN is the entity that is responsible for the specialized accreditation of nursing education programs, both postsecondary and higher degrees.
Pharmacy and Pharm. D. Programs
The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) has awarded the School of Pharmacy full certification status as of June 2016.
The certificate certifies that the B.S. in Pharmacy and Pharm.D. Programs offered by the School are fully accredited by ACPE.
The School's Dean Prof. Abla Bsoul said that the School's pursuit of international accreditation comes as part of its objectives to go global and to ensure that our graduates are equipped with internationally benchmarked degrees.
The certificate of ACPE, which is a US-based agency for the accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy, means that the two programs comply with the established qualifications and education standards of the profession.
Engineering Programs
So far, three bachelor’s degree programs offered at the School of Engineering have been accredited by the  Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
The chemical, electrical and mechanical engineering programs are accredited by ABET to 2022.
According to the Dean of the School Prof. Ali Abu Gahnimeh, this accreditation ensures continuous improvement in the quality of education provided at the School.
Abu Gahnimeh added that through international accreditation, the school aims to increase professional and educational opportunities for its students and graduates.
ABET is a well-known accrediting body of college and university programs in the fields of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology.
School of Medicine
Through international accreditation, the first and oldest medical school in Jordan aims to increase professional and educational opportunities for its students and graduates.
In 2016, the Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM), which is based in Ireland, granted the School of Medicine full unconditional accreditation for six year, until 31st of may 2022.
According to the School's Dean Prof. Islam Massad, the School is in compliance with ACCM's elements of accreditation (standards), which includes admissions, curriculum, educational goals, financial resources, facilities and equipment, management, and corporate organization.
"The certificate confirms that our graduates are equipped with internationally benchmarked degrees," Massad said.
School of Dentistry
In 2014, the School of Dentistry succeeded in obtaining international recognition for its degrees by the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE).
The Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE) recognizes the School to have European standards in dental education, with a curriculum in agreement with EU guidelines (ADEE standards).
The recognition certificate was granted after the School has completed a self-assessment of the curriculum followed by a comprehensive review by a team of peers from European centers of dental education.
Dean of the School, Prof. Ahmad Hamdan pointed out that this recognition marks three decades of the School’s hard work and determination to excel.
"It will undoubtedly enhance our graduates' employability and their competitiveness for pursuing graduate studies in prestigious institutions worldwide," Hamdan said.
Occupational Therapy Program
The School of Rehabilitation Sciences earned international accreditation for its Occupational Therapy bachelor program from the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).
Dean of the School, Prof. Ziad Hawamdeh said that the program has been fully approved for the period 2014 - 2021, and meets the WFOT's standards.
Moreover, the Physiotherapy bachelor program offered by the School of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Jordan (UJ) has been awarded international accreditation by the World Federation of Physical Therapy (WCPT) for the period 2018 – 2023.
According to Hawamdeh, the program meets WCPT's requirements and criteria, in terms of the teaching staff, resources, curriculum, clinical training program and the outcomes.
WCPT was founded in 1951 and acts as the only international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 450,000 physical therapists worldwide through its 109 member organizations.
More Programs Awaiting International Accreditation
Director of Quality Assurance Center at UJ, Prof. Faleh Sawair pointed out that the Department of International Accreditation at the Center is encouraging and following up the international accreditation process in all schools at UJ.
"International accreditation is very important for UJ's reputation, assurance of programs' quality standards, attracting more international students, and enhancing students' employability," Sawair said. "Therefore, the aim is to attain international accreditation for all schools," he added.
Currently, several other programs at UJ are pursuing accreditation from international accreditation agencies. The following table lists programs that are currently in process to attain international accreditation:
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