Dorothy Ababneh
Sunday, February 13, 2022
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​I came to Jordan in 1986 with my Jordanian husband, my daughters and my fresh PhD in French Literature in my pocket. I immediately began to work at the University of Jordan. At the time, we were three faculty members in the French section: a French lecturer, a Jordanian colleague and myself.
We offered a minor specialization in French and university requirement courses. A year later we began with a BA program in French Language and Literature. Over the years, we had more and more students and more and more faculty members. For a long time, we were able to send our best graduates to France and Canada to do their masters and their PhD. Some of the scholarships were financed by the French Embassy, others by the University of Jordan.
Now we have a second BA program in French and English (French Major, English Minor) and a master’s program in French/Arabic translation. After 35 years of service, I retired this year looking back at a career, rich in academic and teaching experience, and happy to have served the University of Jordan, our Mother University. Moreover, I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that the University has offered me and will miss UJ greatly.  ​
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