A Lecture on “Intelligence and Compassion in Action” at UJ
Thursday, April 9, 2015 
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By Suha Alsubaihi

Dr. Lauren Speeth, an American filmmaker, educator, author, and entrepreneur gave an inspiring lecture today at the Faculty of  Foreign Languages.

Speeth responded to an invitation from the Faculty of Foreign Languages’ Cultural Committee to speak to  undergraduate and postgraduate students about her latest publication “Intelligence & Compassion in Action”.

During the lecture, Speeth spoke about the seven pillars, inspired by the wisdom of former US president Jimmy Carter, as tools to empower aspiring social entrepreneurs.

The seven pillars to achieve change, according to Speeth, are vision, special skills, non-duplication, partnership, credit-sharing, feedback, and staying power.  

Speeth also displayed success stories from her own community for individuals who sought to bring about a change in society and eventually succeeded.

Speeth is currently a Lifetime Member of the Board of Councilors at The Carter Center, and a Regent of Saint Mary’s College of California.

She is also the founder and CEO of the Elfenworks Foundation, an  establishment that works to advance change by fostering creative and technology solutions.

The lecture was concluded with questions and comments from the attending students.

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