UJ Translation Center, Cultural Forum Organize Lecture
Sunday, January 8, 2023 
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Under the patronage of the University of Jordan (UJ) Vice President for Humanities Schools, Prof. Salameh Naimat, the Translation Center on Thursday organized in cooperation with the University of Jordan Cultural Forum, a lecture entitled "Topics in Translation", presented by Professor English Literature Muhammad Asfour.

Introducing the guest, Director of the Translation Center, Ola Musmar, pointed out the importance of translation as a civilized project that establishes an entire nation, out of which came the decision of establishing a translation center at the university that provides high-quality services in all fields of knowledge. 

During the lecture, Professor Asfour addressed a number of topics of interest to the field of translation and problems facing translators, stressing the significance of translation as a human need that stems from the nations' need to interrelate with each other. He also noted that languages interact in borrowing or importing, as the English language, according to Asfour, borrowed 50% of its vocabulary from the French language, despite the different origins of the two languages.

With regard to common problems in translation, such as the tendency to imitate the English sentence structure and distorting translated terms, the speaker affirmed that a true translator is a tireless researcher who looks deep for solutions to problems that arise in this profession.

At the end of the lecture which was attended by a group of faculty members and students at the university, Naimat honored Professor Asfour with the University shield.

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