Who We Are ?

“UJ News” website is considered the media arm of the University of Jordan. It has been developed by the Media, Public and Cultural Relations Unit which takes the responsibility to cover all events held in the University of Jordan in an objective and professional way.

Our new website provides press releases and news feeds on a variety of topics relating to higher education institutions, and of course to the University of Jordan. In addition, it posts articles, analysis, research papers and studies, and updates users about the new arrivals at the University of Jordan Library, whether books, journals or references.

UJ News contains also links to the University’s YouTube Channel and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, ..etc), and a photo gallery of the most prominent activities and events that took place at the University.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to invite UJ family in particular and our friends outside the university community to provide us with their useful suggestions and comments.

“UJ News” Editorial staff: 

Director of Media, Public Relations and Radio Unit

Dr. Mohammad Wasef


Media and Public Relations Manager

AL-Waked AL-Wreikat 


Ms. Suha Alsubeihi

Media Section



Mr. Iyad Al-Said
Mr. Mohamed Al-Tarazy